Decoding Update

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

We have just updated our decoding equipment and can now support all VIN / Delivery mode / CAN check  / Delco units. Finally have a full working solution for all Audi Concert units and latest Kenwood CD’s.

VIN units will need to be either with the car or at least have a copy of the VIN or Chassis number of the vehicle it’s going into.

Cost of VIN unit decode  is £25

Vauxhall CD30 decode is £25 – this is for either reading code ( if it’s going back to original vehicle) or for putting into ‘delivery mode’ – this will then require main dealer or advanced diagnostic garage to ‘pair’ unit to car …… main dealers can’t put unit into ‘delivery mode’.

for a full list of units  supported   –  click here

Vauxhall CD30 - this popular unit is not only coded , it's also tech2 'married' to the car using diagnostic tools.

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