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Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

We are very experienced in Playstation 3 repair and although we cannot always provide a quote without looking at the machine, we canprovide prices for some of the more common issues.We don’t charge for unsuccesful repairs unlike a certain other ‘computer repair shops’………could name one or two !

Replacing BlueRay Drive: £69  3 month warranty – upgrade to 6 months for an extra £10 –

We only use original Sony PS3 drives and replace the complete drive (not just the laser) – There are a large number of  ‘reclaimed’ and also ‘quality control failed’  lasers circulating – especially on eBay.

Full Sony ps3 Blue ray drive unit - complete mechanism

from our experience they have a very high failure rate – check out the sellers warranty – usually no more than 60 days. We have a source for good laser units , they are a little more expensive but we don’t want your Sony Playstation 3 bouncing back to us under warranty.

Firmware crashes: £45

The common symptom of a firmware crash is when there is no menu, only ‘wave’ on screen. We can format the hard drive, reinstate the file system and update the firmware to the latest version available. Your gamesaves and downloads should also be retained.

Replace hard drive: from £55 – upgrades available

There are many symptoms of this such as being unable to load games (writing game data to HDD), the machine not starting up, being unable to complete a firmware update, no picture,  constantly being told the machine has a file system problem. We can replace the HDD and update the firmware – Drives come in 40G,  60G  and 80G. Noticeably the 80G is more prone to failure.

Playstation slim units start at 120Gb up to 320GB – 250Gb drives seem to be most common to failure – cost is from £68 – this includes data salvage if possible , firmware replaced and tested.

No video output: from £55

Yellow Light Faults : read this page

Please contact us if you have any questions related to Playstation 3 repairs.

Playstation 3 Repair Edinburgh

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